Enjoy The Lifestyle Of A Diva



Meet the Divas! They are four professional, grown and sexy women who own up to their lifestyle and success. They are strong minded heavy hitters. Oh and don't get it twisted, these sexy sophisticated go-getters may have a lot on their plate, but they know where to go when it comes time to wine down.


Yes! They work hard so they of course play hard. They may be beautiful, stylish and fashion conscious women who love to shop and wear the most exclusive designer brands, but at the end of the day they know what really satisfies their taste buds. Find out where the hot spots are in Georgia. There’s more than peaches in this state. Join us as they venture out to eat at the hottest restaurants in town.


A busy "Diva" sometimes have no time to cook these days but you know, momma’s got to eat! So she's always on the go to the next place to dine. Be inspired when you watch them next season where they share the enjoyment of LIFE and what it brings with special guests, family and friends along the way. 

Premiering this Fall only on Peachtree TV™



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