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An Inspiring Moment At Louisiana Bistreaux In Buckhead: Cajun Seafood Just Like Home.

OMG!!! Sorry you missed this one.

Wow! This trip stood out above the rest... The Executive Producer, SuJen and Serena Silpot, "The TRUTH" Diva had the pleasure of meeting Feroz Delawalla of Restaurant Management Group, Inc., Founder, CEO and the COO of one of Buckhead Atlanta's top notch Cajun Seafood Restaurant... Louisiana Bistreaux. The food was absolutely amazing!!! Guy! You have to come to this new spot in Buckhead. Their hospitality was over the top. The appetizers and entrees was impeccable. We really wish we could have saved you some but it was too good. If you love seafood, #cajun food, or just want to go out for a good time, visit this restaurant. There was no turning back once we took the first bite. Simply unforgettable. >>

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